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Independent Musicians Institute

What if I told business owners that there were no buildings for them to use for offices, stores or manufacturing?

This is the problem

that independent musicians face

every day.

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The video above shows the facility at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado.

No doubt there are places like universities, conservatories and music schools and the odd music shop that has a place for musicians to work. But, if you aren’t a student in an institution or have access to a church that lets you practice you are basically running around trying to figure out where you can work. And then, you are limited by those institutions opening hours and their own needs.

This webpage is an introductory step in the formation of a common practice facility and performance facilitating website that is currently in the works.

The purpose of this “Institute” is to provide a way for musicians of all ages to come together to practice, teach, study and perform music.

The vision is to create a center for music and form ensembles of all types where people can develop their musical talents for a lifetime.

We will be putting together Elite Performance, Recording Performance, Amateur and Hobby Ensembles of every type.

We would love to host things like String Quartets, Woodwind Trios, or a Jazz Band/Orchestra up to a Baroque Orchestra or full Symphony somewhere down the line.

Obviously, creating an environment where Classical, Jazz, Pop, Country, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, etcetera can co-exist is a challenge but having a place where different genres can be together and be different is an exciting prospect.

We don’t seek to compete but enhance the other organizations that already exist and we hope we can be a helping hand to the musical energy of the city and region.

It is a place for musicians of all levels and ages. One of the saddest things about people who get involved in music in elementary, high school and college is that they lose a place to continue with their enjoyment of music.

For parents of children and teens it will also be an inviting atmosphere if they can take their kids to a professional facility instead of having them take lessons in someone’s private home.

Right now we are in the planning and feasibility stages, and certainly it is no small task to get something of this nature off the ground. But, if we can get a model facility up and running and can provide a cookie cutter business model, then there should be no reason why the concept couldn’t be franchised in a short period of time.

The goal is to create a network of institutes, in both small towns and large cities, where people know they can go and practice and be around musicians wherever they go.

The models we are looking at are fitness clubs, business office spaces like Regus, a law practice and medical clinics. There will be multiple streams of income involved such as monthly memberships, practice room and studio rentals, performance/event space rentals for “non-members”, merchandise sales, and last but not least a ticket sales.

One more thing we have considered is a composer’s think tank. The idea is to create music published by the institute by member composers (who keep their rights to their own music) which can be used for just about any kind of commercial use from song writing, jingle writing, tv and film music, music for internet entrepreneurs and so on. We want to facilitate composers by giving them a place to create great music, united with a plethora of musicians to perform it, and be able to help them monetize it while growing their name as a composer or song writer.

All of this will be facilitated by an easy to navigate website which will include scheduling software as well as an affiliate program for memberships and ticket sales which are available to members who wish to earn income helping us build our brand. (People who don’t wish to earn income can “donate” their affiliate commissions to the general affiliate fund, and those “donations” will be dispersed evenly to all affiliates who do wish to earn income through the affiliate program.)

Music has been a vital and important part of society for ages and now it is time to give musicians a place to work on their craft.

Truly Independent

One more goal of the institute and also part of the reason for it’s name is that our mission is to be a “for profit” business with no government or corporate support. Musicians work hard, very hard and we can create our own economy if we lock arms and build this together.

Here is the problem with support from the government and corporations, because they are like “Gods” who giveth and taketh away. Of course we will need funding, and we realize that we will most likely need help to get it off the ground, but our goal is actually to be able to do it completely independently, meaning, if the government, corporations or individuals want to “help” us, they can become members of the institute as well and we will have membership levels available for that purpose which will carry with it certain benefits related to the institute.

We will most likely begin with a website, an event venue and the affiliate program in the beginning and offer Charter Memberships to those who want to be a part of this exciting project.

The idea is that through the affiliate program musicians and lovers of live music can promote the institute all over the country, possibly worldwide, so that we can build facilities for the independent musician to work and be creative.

If you are a student, teacher, professor or musician associated with a university, conservatory, church etcetera you are of course welcome with us at the institute. All activities done at the institute are to be considered independent.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting new project, and believe me the more the merrier.

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