Below find links to online pdfs which you can print out. We will have the “real” music at the reunion.

Here is a partial playlist. The rest is below with the music links.

This is quite a bit of music, but you already know it, even if you haven’t sung it in a long time. You will be amazed how well you know it. It is IN you. It is a PART of you. You are in IT. So, while we may not tackle all of these, this is what we have chosen to “look at.” We had a hoot singing this stuff again even though we were also a bit challenged. But even though it is more difficult in some ways than it was “back then” it is a lot easier now.

We will have a great time singing through this stuff. It will be a LOT of fun!

You can watch the videos and sing along. I will also try to post a recording of each underneath the links.

Let Us Break Bread Together

Cross Cry

Ubi Caritas

Bruckner Ave Maria


Final Fugue

Dies Irae


Give Me Jesus

Ezekel Saw de Wheel