A Cabin in the Woods

I've always loved the idea of a cabin in the woods.

It is actually a winter thing for me. In the summer, I am not such a fan of the woods because being from the southeastern United States, or really anywhere east of the Mississippi River for that matter, the heat and humidity is awful, not to mention all of the insects like ticks, fleas, spiders, mosquitos and the like that are swarming during that time of year.

The cozy cabin in the woods from November through March or April would do it for me, then the ideal climate would be more arid.

Ever since I did the Magic Flute for the first time the key elements of the earth, "Feuer, Wasser, Luft, und Erde", "Fire, water, air, and earth" have always seemed to be what I need in my life. Abiding in a "Cabin in the Woods" could be a good way to experience these elements on a daily basis.

It is possible I have an over romanticized view of the concept. I picture a cabin with a covered front porch leading up to the front door, and a cabin with 2 to 3 bedrooms for guests to visit. I would like a hot tub outside, and a sauna to rejuvenate myself. Inside a well stocked kitchen, with a big comfy dining table in a great room with great chairs and sofas in front of the fire stove.

Outside, the cabin would be on a clearing in the woods with a garage for the car, a workshop.

One issue could be that internet access there would be limited if too remote, but then again, maybe that is a good thing.

Starting the day with a nice breakfast and getting loose with yoga and a hike through the woods. Taking a shower and putting on comfy clothes to be able to do things inside and out without much hassle.

Then spend the day making something, writing, doing music, cooking, and hanging out with friends would be cool.

Maybe being in a country setting far from the world wouldn't be enough mental and social stimulation for me but I also know that I love peace and tranquility too.

Anyway, it is something to consider!