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Welcome to

People often ask me, "Why do you go to all of the trouble to have a website?"

It's a good question and I have to admit that sometimes I don't really know. But, I believe that my core reason for having a website is because of my deep visceral need to be creative. Without creative activity, I am completely lost. When I am creative everything changes in me. My energy level, my excitement for life, and my ability to look to the future with positivity and hope come alive when I am being creative.

Since the end of my stage career, I have had a couple of creative endeavors but I haven't been able to stay on a course over a long period of time for anything EXCEPT this website.  I just now realize that I have been blogging for 10 years now! It has gone through several changes and updates but it really is the only constant in my life for these past 10 years. There is a lot I have learned over the years and still a lot left to learn. But, I am proud to say that my website ranks at the top of Google search for my name Timothy Simpson, so that is some sort of notoriety.

This is a multi-purpose website. I share a lot about my life experiences, about the people in my life, and my thoughts on topics that come to mind. It is not only a web-log, or blog, but also a web diary and also shares things I am working on.

A website is a self-publishing medium. Because it is on my website then all of the content that I create on it belongs to me. I'm not sure if many will be interested in it, but that isn't really the goal of it. It is a place to archive my family history, my life, and whatever else I see fit to put on it.

I hope that over time my efforts here will compel someone to carry on with the website and keep things up to date as time forges on.

Thanks for dropping by!