The Family Archive is to be a way to preserve pictures, videos, audio, and documents appropriate for public exposure in a digital format.

Having just taken over possession of the family home I am at the beginning of making it my home and part of that is to replace most of the things in it which were about my parent's lives and make it about my life.

I have struggled to figure out how best to preserve the memory of my family, locally as well as elsewhere, in a way that honors my love for them. While I will store hard copy of all of this in a fashionable manner, I want it to be accessible without having to dig into boxes.

To do this I will keep record of location of the hard copies when possible and applicable so they can be easily found.

Things such as slides, videos, and audios will have to be converted to digital so it can be presented here and preserved without having to store all of the things in hard copy, which are beginning to deteriorate anyway.

I will do the best I can to identify everyone, and if you happen to have information pertinent to this project please feel free to leave a comment or message me somehow.

Timothy Simpson - 2022