Welcome to my Business Page!

Virtual Businesse

I have decided to add this page to my personal website so that people can see what it is I am "doing".

So, "What am I doing?" Actually, better said, "What do I want to do with what I am doing."

Technically you would call it Internet Marketing in the following ways.

  • Internet Marketing and Sales
    • Affiliate Marketing
      • As an independent contractor status affiliate for products of companies I don't own.
      • As a business owner who provides an affiliate program.
        • Musicians Membership Networking Platform Website
          • E-Commerce for merchandise on this website.
  • Author
    • I love to write and am working on several projects at the moment.
    • I have published "Boredom to Brilliance" in English and German and learned a lot in that process.
    • A big part of being an author is marketing work you have done.
    • I will do speaking on my topics.

Admittedly, presenting all of this here on my website is a new challenge for me because becoming congruent with it has been a problem for me in the past. But, now I think I have gotten a hold of the right way of looking at it.

It is not uncommon to focus on what I need out of any certain enterprise for it to make sense of doing it. But, the reality in business is that customers don't buy something because of what the seller needs or wants.

Customers don't buy something because of what the seller needs or wants.

I've asked a couple of my friends who are in business what the key in their success in sales was and they all said the same thing...

Give them what they want/need.

Selling ice doesn't work so well with Eskimos, but it is easy if you sell it in Florida, Texas, or Mexico, for instance.

So my focus has to be in providing something that serves others needs. However, I best know what my needs are and thus there are probably a lot of people out there who need the same things.

The American Way

America has been built around the premise that its citizens can be the captain of their own ship, the king of their own castle, the owner of their own business. Business is what fuels the American lifestyle. Sales pay for everything in a society because that is how money is created. Creating something of value for people in exchange for money is how it works.

Moving forward, the importance for independence is going to increase because jobs may not be able to pay enough people enough money to sustain the accustomed lifestyle. It isn't that people should not have jobs, they should, because that is how a lot of things get done in society. But, I do believe everyone should have their own business in addition because it is something they have control over. Just because people should doesn't mean they will because it doesn't matter what I think, it only matters what they want and need.

Life's Purpose

What is life's purpose for us? Some would say "Gods purpose for us." But what does that mean really?

I believe we all were given something to do that we "love" doing. It will usually be something that we are "good" at. This something will also need to be able to sustain us throughout our lives, in other words make money to provide for our needs. That is the "me" side of the equation.

The "others" side of the equation is; Who can benefit the most from what I love doing, what I am good at doing, and something I can get paid for doing? These are the people you serve, this is a purpose for being.

The End of a Needy Society

I have found that when I help others I no longer need help myself. If my work makes the life of others better, then my life is better and my work fulfilling. So the answer to a needy society isn't to give them what they need, but to show them how to help others get what they need.

My Businesses:

  1. Owner of S-ICE Marketing LLC - is the name of my company under which I operate my marketing businesses.
    1. It stands for "Simpson-International Creative Enterprises".
  2. Independent Affiliate for the Home Business Academy and related products. (Up and running)
  3. Founder of Musiterania.com which provides an Affiliate Program in support of independent musicians. So, musicians can stay musicians. (Coming soon.)


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