My “opinion” of the present case for impeachment.

The following is my "opinion" about the present case of impeachment.

The present case for impeaching the President is a very hot topic of debate, and for me I think people aren't really aware of why it is very important to impeach and remove this president from office.

I have heard parts of my thoughts on this subject from people that I have seen in the media, but I had the opinion before I heard it from them.

The reason this impeachment is so critical to the future of the United States of America, is that the result will either show that the constitution still means something today, or if the United States is moving towards a constitution of absolute power to the executive. It is my opinion that it should not happen.

What was the principle reason for the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the US Constitution? The purpose was to create a form of government based on civil service and public representation and not have a government where the leaders and employees could use their position and power in the government to enrich themselves. The concept is very simple really and is as valid today as it was back in 1776.

What does Great Britain's National Anthem say? "God save the Queen/King". Essentially it is saying that the King/Queen IS the nation and everyone works, lives and dies for the Queen/King. Even today when the Monarchy isn't a functioning political force in Great Britain, they still have the Royal Family that represents the sense that it all belongs to the Royals, and it doesn't, and it actually never did. But, in the days when Kings and Queens were actually the "Pre-ordained by God" for life to lead the nation, and all of the riches and power of the nation went solely to them, they had Absolute Power.

When the United States was made, that ended for those 13 Colonies, and still should hold true today. The President does not own the office of President, nor does he/she own the government. The President is a servant of the people, hired to be the Chief Executive in one of three branches of the Government designed to prevent each of the other branches for abusing their powers. Anyone who serves in the United States government and this especially goes for those directly elected by the people are not allowed to use their office and influence for their own private good.

Now, does this mean that a President, Senator, or Representative can't write a book and make money from it? No. That is writing a book, and the reason people buy the book is because they want to read what they have to say. That isn't abuse of power.

What is abuse of power is when someone uses their office and the resources of the people, taxpayers, for their own private end. It is one thing for a President to enforce sanctions against a nation in order to force it to comply with international law which supports and defends the interests of the nations interests and security. It is quite another when if a president uses the office of president to get something in return which benefits them personally.

It is even more serious when a president abuses their office to cause those who are subordinate to them to do acts in support of their personal gain, not to mention encourage them to cover-up and not cooperate with others in the government to enforce those laws.

What does the mafia do? The mafia is basically a group of people headed usually by one person, that can go and force someone to do something for the mafia so that they can continue doing business, or pay the price.

That sort of thing is illegal too, which is why you have always heard the term..."Hey, could you do me a favor?" ... and I won't shoot you, or burn down your business, or kill your wife's brother. The mafia uses their power to regulate businesses they have no right to regulate. The mafia skims, bribes, threatens, and bullies people in to doing what they want them to do.

The King of Spain paid Columbus to sail to India over the sea to the west to bring him back the riches he sought. Columbus sailed for the King, for Spain, they were one and the same thing and it was legal because it was a Monarchy and absolute power existed everywhere at the time.

This case of impeachment is caused by the President "asking for a favor" from a foreign country's president, while also withholding US Taxpayer funds, approved by US Taxpayer elected Legislature, and an audience with the President, to make sure that foreign president does the President's favor. In this case, the President asked that the foreign country's president hold an interview with CNN and announce that their government was launching investigations into Burisma, where ex Vice-President Joe Biden's son was a Board member, so that it would help the President in his bid to win the next election, which is a personal gain.

Here is the process by which the President committed bribery using the power of his office and US Taxpayer Money...and not his own money, which would also be wrong.

  1. "We, the government of the United States, have been very supportive of your country in the past."
  2. "Would you do me a favor?" You = Foreign President and Me = US President.
  3. Announce an investigation into the Bidens on CNN. Biden being his personal political rival. 
  4. Then I will schedule an audience for you with me in the White House. 
  5. Then I will release the hold on the aide your country needs to defend itself from Russian invasion.
  6. The President used his administration to organize the deal and used his own personal lawyer as well.
  7. The President fired and smeared the reputation of a long standing anti-corruption Ambassador as well as tampered with her testimony by sending intimidating Tweets while she was being questioned in the hearings. 
  8. Next, he told his people to obstruct justice by not agreeing to testifying under a legal subpoena. 

The reason why this never was fully executed is because the "Whistle-blower" exposed what was going on to the public. However, just because a bank robber doesn't rob the bank, doesn't mean he wasn't robbing the bank, it just means he was stopped before he could get away with the money.


First there was the Intelligence Committee's Hearings, acting as a "Grand Jury" to gather evidence and to see whether what happened was a crime. They will submit their findings to the Judiciary Committee which will draw up the Articles of Impeachment if they deem that the process should continue.


The Hearings are there to gather evidence, that is all. The Hearings are there to see if there is something that should be investigated further, or not, which is why it is called an inquiry. In fact, it is actually really wrong for there to be anyone on the part of the committee expressing judgement on the case, but rather simply be involved in the effort to ascertain facts. Then they make their recommendations.

It is wrong for anyone on the committee to pass judgement before the facts have all been gathered.

This is what causes hearings to become "Witch Hunts" or a "Circus". But there all of the people on the committee trying to score points with the cameras on.

The Judiciary Committee can call witnesses too. So there may be further hearings. Otherwise, the Judicial Committee will either present "Articles of Impeachment" to the House of Representatives to vote to Impeach the President.

If and when the House votes to Impeach the President, the President is officially "Impeached", but that actually does NOTHING. 

 The Senate Trial

The next step is to have a Trial in the Senate to determine if the President is to be removed from office or acquitted of charges.

The Importance of a Two Thirds Majority needed to remove the President from office, and over half is already in the same party as the President. 

The issue at hand now is that even if everyone agrees that the President committed crimes against the United States as outlined by the Constitution, and they are outlined in the constitution, unless there is a 2/3rds, 66%+, 66 of 100 Senators vote to remove and convict the President of the charges, the President gets off Scott Free!

There is no problem, if it is decided that the President committed no crime. The case is dropped and things continue as before.


If it is clear that the President committed the crimes charged in the Impeachment, then it is the duty of the Senate to enforce that punishment by removing the President from office.

The fact that the Republican Party, the party of the President, is the majority in the Senate, then it is their responsibility to find 16 or more Senators to put country before Party and convict. 

The Consequences

If the Republican Held Senate does not remove the President from office after proof of guilt, then the entire notion of the constitution has been completely ignored and then the flood gates of corruption will open in the United States government and the greatness of this country will be in serious decline. This process is a test of our constitution, and it will work if the people are more dedicated to their country than they are to the President.

So, in essence, this is about a lot more than just this President, or this congress, or the Ukraine, or anything really related to the names of the actors, it is about the future of the United States of America, or whether their is one.

The President is a servant of the people, not their King or Queen, and the President should be held by the highest standard to be able to serve as President. If and when the United States lowers the standards required of the President, then the constitution is garbage to be burned.

The Question is...

Are there 15-16 Republican Senators who are honest enough to convict a President, or are they going to allow their names to be associated with a President who has abused everyone, including them, for his personal gain?

The Truth is Important because it doesn't just go away.

The people who know the facts of the 2016 interference by Russia all say the same thing, that Ukraine had nothing to do with it. Russia is completely and solely responsible for it. By chasing the idea that the Ukraine was responsible for it, much less the present Ukrainian administration, has been proven ridiculous. But, there are a lot of people who are still holding on to the absurdity of it...and I ask, WHY?

Because the President says so.

That is the reason.

Why this President has such an unwavering support in the Republican Party is completely lost on me.

First of all, he isn't a Republican at all. He was a Democrat before he was a Republican, then before that he was a Republican, and so on. It isn't as if he loves the Republican Party, in fact, he disdains it. He is abusing their support, he would throw them all under the bus if it made him feel better. He doesn't care about anyone who supports him. This President has absolutely no redeeming social or cultural value. He stands for nothing but his own ego. He can lie, make fun of people, incite riot, and ridicule good people and the more he does it, the more support he gets from them.

The religious right folks, really? They support him? Why? What part of his personal history screams Christianity? Yet, they love him the most.

Does this surprise me?


I've been seeing this coming since the Reagan was in office, and Reagan was not the reason for it, but profited from it. There has been a consistent flow of disgraceful media first from the talk radio of Rush Limbaugh to the Fox News that goes on today. Since all of that started the catch phrases are spoken by those who listened and believed what was fed to them have been repeated as if by hypnosis. I get it, but I can't believe Americans have bought into it. But how is it done?

It is done by speaking to the patriotic high ideals that Americans carry in their beings and using those virtues to pervert the truth. Sound familiar? You got it! Nazi Germany did this with chilling precision. That is how you move a nation to ruin itself. It is what has happened to America, or shall I say, part of America.

If there is any good that could come from this debacle, is to teach America a lesson which is to be wary of the white lies, the pandering to fears and scapegoating, to not believe when someone appeals to your patriotism on one hand and ask for your loyalty to them on the other. It isn't the job of the voter to stay loyal to the candidate, but the job of the candidate to stay loyal to the voter, especially when they are elected.

The right has been duped by a long staged tactic of propaganda and it has found it's leader in this President who will abuse their ignorance to his own good and not blink an eye when he throws them all under the bus.