A perfect day: What things can I do to have one?

I am writing this spontaneously so nothing written here is actually researched.

The perfect day is spent by doing several things well.

Here is my spontaneous list.

  1. Get a good night’s rest.
    1. No day is good if you are tired all day.
  2. Eating right.
    1. You reinforce good eating habits by planning and preparing the right things to eat for yourself.
  3. Exercise.
    1. You can’t feel good if your body and mind aren’t stimulated by physical activity in fresh air.
    2. Flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance make life easier because you are more powerful.
  4. Laughter
    1. Being in a good mood is part of a perfect day.
    2. Nothing in life is worth allowing your life’s joy to be taken away from you.
  5. Get things done. Productivity.
    1. Knowing what you have to do.
    2. Getting that done.
  6. Lastly but probably firstly…Meditation.
    1. Calm the mind.
    2. Focus the breath.
    3. Preparing yourself to be able to handle the stresses of the day.

I believe these things are boxes that have to be checked every day in order for a person to have a good day.

Our lives are stolen by the agendas of others. We sacrifice ourselves to the whims of others all too often. When we don’t live for ourselves first we neglect the life that has been given to us to live.

The only way to achieve the above 5 points is to schedule them and to plan for them. It takes preparation to eat well. It takes focus to know what you have to do today. It takes a schedule to make sure you exercise for a certain amount of time every day.

Life is a habit and what we do on a daily basis is our habit. We have habits whether we planned them or not.

If I look at the days I’ve spent getting nothing done, not eating well, not exercising and not laughing, I think to myself that I am wasting my life.

Honestly, none of these things are hard to do.

It is going to take a schedule to organize these things into my life and it is going to take discipline to follow and defend that schedule.

All of the above are outside the times when we have to go to a job or do our work. The above mentioned are things about our life, not about our careers.

I think that most people go unfulfilled in life because they work harder for everyone else than they do for themselves. Sometimes they work so hard for others they have nothing left for themselves and their life force gets weaker and weaker.

In financial terms, it is like paying yourself first. You want to build your assets, in this case, YOU, so that your house gets bigger and better every single day.

Good luck with that Timothy!

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