Bob Unplugged: Day 2 of Recovery

I arrived at Dad’s room this morning, April 16, 2020, and he was up sitting in the big chair eating breakfast with “no condiments”, but in true Simpson fashion managed to “Shaker his plate.”

He has been unplugged from everything except an IV port, O2 hose, and the necessary plumbing apparatus. He has no pain except the places where incisions were made, but really all in all he is doing very well.

The physical therapy nurse came and took him for a walk and he is again in his sitting in his chair resting comfortably. His numbers are better than mine.

The plan is to at some time release him from the hospital and have him go to rehab for a while to build up his strength. The timeline isn’t yet known, but he is doing so well, that I assume he will be transferred sooner than later.

I have to say that I felt a lot of stress in advance of his procedure. It is a huge relief for me that it went so well. Mark wasn’t as worried about the procedure, because he has had so many, but more worried about the recovery, which is certainly an issue.

We are still on track for about Wednesday as a late return to home date.