Downsizing: The one thing to do when you don’t know what else to do.

Sometimes accumulating stuff catches up with you and when it does it is high time to do a "spring cleaning."

This may sound easy, but it isn't. Because the most important part of spring cleaning is minimizing the things you have to clean in the first place. The fewer "things" you have to clean, the less dirty everything you have will be.

For me however, one of the sneakiest accumulations is online accounts with different types of websites. Some are emails, some are websites, some are just subscriptions to things I don't use anymore, and some are tech stuff that if you don't use it, you forget how it works and have to learn it all over again.

So just like with clothes you no longer wear, or things you no longer use, your online world must also be downsized.

Here is the thing. Every website changes. They not only change the way it looks, they change the way it works. All the updating means you have to also update your familiarity with them. One more update and I think I am going to upchuck. Just when I have a system figured out, they update it and confuse me all over again.

Simplicity is the true sign of genius. Madness is having a lot of stuff you don't use and keeping it.

One of the major stress factors in life is paper. Mostly the stress comes when it is unorganized. The same is true for computer files. It is so easy to create another folder and stick it somewhere and never be able to find it again. You must declutter and reorganize computer files because over the years, it gets to be ridiculously large.

The online "cloud" storage can also become a problem. There is Google Docs, Microsoft Cloud, iCloud, to name a few. Plus you have the different systems of online and offline softwares like Excel, Google Docs, and iCloud spreadsheets.

I won't even go into all of the photos and videos we produce today. It is insane to organize all of that!

Even these blog posts beg to be tagged, categorized, and dated, which thankfully is done automatically. This blog is supposed to be somewhat of a personal scrapbook of my life, but I have got a lot of stuff yet to upload to make it really what I want it to be. To me, this is one of the beauties of having a website. The biggest problem with having a website is you have to keep paying for it over time, but I think it is worth it.

You could sort of do the same with Facebook, but Facebook would then own your stuff, and I'm not willing to give them all of that. In fact, I am considering decluttering my Facebook account as well because I have been doing circles there too!

All of the papers need to be reorganized and placed in the proper place. I want to get a safe, or maybe a safety deposit box, so that someone can access all of my accounts if something should happen to me. I am not sure who I want to have the key or combination to that. I am thinking possibly a Law Firm, Lawyer, which can be notified if something should happen to me. I will create an identity tag that I wear at all times so that people will know who to contact in case of an emergency. Then the lawyer or law firm can then contact the responsible parties at that time to act on my behalf. It is easier to call on a business than it is a person, because that business will be open. The problem there is that they are closed on weekends, holidays, and in the evenings/nights. Hmmm. My personal representative, executor, or power of attorney for my matters is something I am going to have to consider long and hard.

Wow! I have a lot to do!

Time to get at it!