Getting Back to Writing Blogs

I first started blogging when I originally started my first Boredom to Brilliance website back in 2011 or so. I didn’t know what I was doing. It was not really a blog at all, but a long website page with posts on it and it always showed the oldest post first. I developed a pretty good writing style and got involved in the blogging network called The Empower Network which in all honesty was simply a great company on merit alone. I feel like I lost a lot when it finally shut down, but I didn’t lose my posts and most of them are still here on this blog now.

But, a lot has happened between then and now. I let myself get distracted from my Boredom to Brilliance mission and the way I was writing in those days. Through writing blogs I discovered so many incredible ideas and philosophies.

What is a blog really? I think it is sort of like a research paper. You talk about a topic and search your insides, look for support on the outside and put it together in your own words. Hopefully in a compelling way.

Now, blogging can earn you an income as well. That is not the reason I blog. The reason I blog is to explore my thoughts and to share them with others.

Boredom to Brilliance is a project borne to encourage people to get involved with self expression in whatever artistic form they choose. By using a blogging platform, they can project their expression and art into the world.


Much of the violence in the world is due to a frustration of not being understood by others. Many of the bad things that happen in the world is due to a void inside of people that exists because they have no outlet of expression or nothing meaningful to them to work on. By blogging you have your own platform of broadcasting into the world equal to everyone else, so long as Net Neutrality is guaranteed.

You can use all mediums to express yourself on a blog: writing, obviously, audio, video, images and downloads for your publications. It is literally the best way to promote yourself, your art or your cause that exists.

I have had a lot of life issues going on with my family and stress in many areas I hadn’t expected to come up. So, I dropped the ball with Boredom to Brilliance but I still believe in it’s mission and in the importance it has in our society. For sure, many of the things I talk about in the book are being done by some really incredible people and I love that this is happening.

My father is always talking about the loss of jobs due to automated systems, robots and international trade. But I tell him that we as a society are meant to evolve into a higher level of work. The thing about live performance is that it is a product that is consumable and must be reproduced again and again and nobody wants to hear a robot sing or act.

That is why I believe in the arts. It is a great economic generator that hasn’t yet had it’s impact realized. Of course film, pop music and pop culture creates hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year, but there is a lot of areas that can be enhanced by better marketing and planning for every day folks.

One of the main projects I have been putting off is the idea of there being enough for everyone in the world just like there is enough sunlight and water available in a forest so all of the trees can live and grow. So stay tuned for that! It is exciting I think.

So, on this early April day in 2018 I am getting back on the horse and going to start blogging about the things that come to my mind and try to write interesting and compelling if not entertaining posts.

Thanks for reading! Go out into nature and feel the world. It is a wonderful place!

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