Move from battle to battle. The struggle for American Democracy

January 6, 2021 was the last gasp of a miserable 2020 in the United States. For so many reasons I am sharing Beethoven's 3rd Symphony, 2nd Movement. This blog post is an attempt at pulling my emotions out of the ashes from the fire storm of 2020. 

I am mourning the death of Beethoven and the fact that such a brilliant musician was forced to suffer so greatly during his lifetime, and yet still he was able to write music with a spirit of hope and joy that wouldn't be denied.

It is the music of utter sadness and deep anger for the loss of ou r country's decency all because of allegiances to one man, a man that deserves none, and a man who disdains those that cower to him.

Included in that is the loss of the belief that things will get much better in the future. Just because Dump was voted out of office, doesn't mean he will just "go away." His minions will not have a change of heart. The blind will not see.

Finally, I am mourning my own incapability to just shed the utter outrage I feel at the events of January 6, 2020, the events that led up to it, the 'recovery' of the enablers in congress all saving their face while at the same time plotting for their next injustice and anger towards the members of my family and my friends of many years who voted for Trump not only in this election but also in the previous election and putting a lead in office who has no other interest in the world than his own, least of all theirs.

But, who does it help to punish? After all, they don't think about my feelings or care anything about my state of mind when they walk into the voting booth. It is on me to make sense of it all. It is on us to find the way back to civilization, to reason, and to democracy based in truth.

We live life one day at a time. We go from one brick to the next, one fragile Lily Pad to the next. Each step is the chance for up or down, success or failure, right and wrong, love and hate. But as they say in opera, you can't sing the entire piece in one high note. You have to sing the notes that precede each note to get to the next note at all.

So it is with what we have before us as Americans. The future is not going to be secured by one election, one news cycle, or one trend. It is going to be secured in each step we take going forward.

Today, January 7th, the day after the "Attack on Democracy", everyone will be picking up the pieces of that debacle. The blame games, the conspiracy theories, the continued debate on which version of the truth is the right one, and the careers of power hungry politicians and their supporters/benefactors will continue on.  The way to move into the future is take the battle of the day and win it, and put those victories together in a way which will ultimately win the war. Not a war with guns, but a war of tactics.

Victory will never be won if the reasonable continue to make the "other side" wrong and blame them for everything. That hasn't worked, and won't work.

No, the defenders of democracy must work within the law, dealing with truths whether we like it or not, adhering to the battle plan for the rest of time, and win each battle along the way.

People have asked me if I was "happy" that Biden/Harris won. My answer is, "No, I am relieved that Trump won't be president, and that his "henchpeople" won't have run of the White House  any more." Relief is the word, not happy, or satisfied, or thrilled, because I am not. I am relieved.

I am heartened by the Election of Biden, and that the two senators won the election in Georgia, because there is a chance prudence again might be used on Capitol Hill.

So "Yay! We won!" Now it is on to the next battle, and the planning for that begins immediately. There is a midterm election in 2 years, seats will come open, and those seats will be either won or lost. Those are the battles ahead that must be fought.

To do this, we need the smartest minds, the most honest of intentions, and most of all we need young servant leaders to step up and move the debate towards a compelling vision of the future that includes the right things. I would no longer debate with the opposition. My opinion is that a 2 minute statement and a 30 second rebuttal isn't enough time to understand what a candidate is about. No, the presentation of ideas should be focused, not distorted by the arguing of hot button topics asked by the press.

The battle for the future has just begun, and believe me when I say, Dump and his Chumps will be plotting every day to win at all costs. Our determination to rid America of that scourge must be equal to the scourge's determination.

The American Revision must begin immediately, with organization and skill and we go after every single election, from Sheriff to the Governor.