Reborn: Dad’s Easter 2020: Recovery and Preparation

Mom’s Dogwoods

Mom loved Dogwood trees. There are quite a few in the yard and this year they are blooming magnificently right on cue for Easter. I can’t see a Dogwood tree or Daisies without thinking about Mom and right now her spirit is in full bloom. I miss her so much. She was always on my side.

Dad is celebrating Easter at home, like everyone else but for a different reason. He has had a very rough three months. Honestly, I didn’t think he was going to make it to this week. But he did, and the results are really nothing short of amazing. To be sure Wednesday and Thursday were very difficult but his vitals were always good but he was very disoriented. He still is.

I still can’t figure out how anyone could look at Dad and not see that he was in really bad shape. This past week it was truly touch and go in my opinion. But, they did the Cardiac Cath and took a look to see how they were going to help him and then worked really hard to help him get all the fluid off, which miraculously he did!

Today, Saturday, April 11, 2020 he arrived home at about 3;30 p.m. in pretty good shape. He has to wear oxygen all the time but it is necessary and when he doesn’t wear it he starts mumbling weird stuff. It would actually be quite funny if it wasn’t such an indicator of poor circulation.

He opened up all of his birthday and get well cards, I cooked dinner for three of us, no sodium, and now he is ready to hit the hay. I suspect he will sleep really well.

He is now sitting at the piano and playing one of his old standards. Imagine this, he is playing on the piano he learned on 70 years ago at home in old Sturgis, Kentucky back amongst the fields of corn and soybeans.

So off he goes to slumber into another Easter. We have rabbits, a ground hog, and a lot of birds enjoying the environs around the house. Everything is bursting with new life.

Dad has 3 days of preparation and rest before his procedure on Wednesday and there is a very strict regimen he has to follow with limits on diet and fluids to monitor, but we will get there somehow. Right now he is just happy to be home.

Thanks for all. your support during these days. They are appreciated!