Sunday morning blogging: A time for reflection.

There are two things about having websites/blogs that come into play once you get started doing it.

1st is that you really only want to write about what you want to write about when you want to write about it. When you do this it is a quite enjoyable pastime.

2nd is when you “have to” write something, meet a deadline or also doing it to get some sort of result. This can become drudgery because then the natural tendency is to not do it at all.

The problem with result oriented blogging is that it sort of kills your joy, at least it does mine. When you have to do something, your initial reaction to it is not to do it. The other reaction is that you do it as fast as you can, to get it over with and it doesn’t turn out very well.

Fact or Fiction

People have an odd tendency to believe everything they see written on a page. I have no intention to deceive anyone with my writing because I simply write what is on my mind. I am not an expert in anything except the field of opera.

However, I find that people tend to see what is written as fact and then either question those “facts” or they accept them as a given. The “fact” is, I use blogging to state my mind at the moment, to explore things, to try to glean the truth about myself and the world. I may not even agree with my own thoughts later on, these are simply the rambling considerations on a chilly November Sunday morning.

I love working on my website

Let us be real here. Blogging and tinkering with a website can get very time consuming, especially if you are trying to get it “perfect”. Then there are the updates and all of the things that force you to tweak things as you go along.

It is important to tweak things because amazingly enough, websites can get outdated looking. So, you always want it to keep looking fairly fresh. I see a lot of websites out there that need to get tweaked but probably don’t because it is too much trouble to do it. But, there are ways to do it…but that is a story for another day, and honestly, watching a youtube tutorial would probably serve you better and there are tutorials on the blog itself.

The Result of Blogging

What blogging does for you is it opens up new windows in your own mind that helps you find new solutions to a certain problem you want to solve. It helps you sort through your thoughts and gives you the ability to see your own thoughts on paper and thus becoming aware of how you think. It permits you to ask the question about yourself “Is what I am thinking actually really what I want to be thinking?”

It is good to question your own thinking. It is good to record your life on a blog. You only have to record what you want others to see, of course, then you can also make pages that are password protected so only you can see them so you can record private issues and memories there.

One thing is for sure. In blogging, you need a lot of images. That gives you a good reason to go out and take pictures or videos which is a good way to make your blog a physical activity and not just a sit-down eat cinnamon buns and drink coffee activity.

All of this today has given me some good ideas about how I can use a blog/website for iMi!

But, above all what you need for a blog is fast internet service. I believe this is the number one issue in all of computerdom. However, you can go to any public library or public place that offers wifi and blog, if you don’t have service at home.

There are two types of blogs. Free and paid. I recommend getting your own domain because then you own it and you can also have an email address that is yours for life and not have to worry about the “free” services ever again. Besides, when you use their email, you are promoting “them”. Wouldn’t it better to have your own? I think so.

If you want an inexpensive blog and 10 email addresses you can own for life may I suggest this? >>>>> YOUR OWN WEBSITE/BLOG/EMAIL ADDRESS.

A note about this program. I have used it now since 2012 and it has been very good. I suggest you focus on using the WordPress blog as your website as it is easier to manage. The web builder itself is not what I would suggest, but you can use a “free” website builder if you want and forward your domain to it. But, I suggest forwarding your domain to your Blog. Also, you get 10 email addresses that have you as the domain. If you want a .com domain you can get one and have your website and blog forwarded and masked from it.

I suggest just doing the .ws domain and go with that.

There is a way to make an extra income using this program that I think is good, but that is not necessarily something I have concentrated on.

However, I must say that I find this program while being low priced and not having a high commission rate, to be a really great thing and I enjoy it. I will show you my that I have forwarded as which is about affiliate programs available on the internet.

All of this is not hard. Plus I have access to 20 email addresses, ten for and 10 for What you can do with all of those emails is you can use them for different members of your family or specify them for use like “, or and so on. These are examples, not necessarily email addresses I have set up.



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