The King is in his Castle!

All Hail the King

After almost a month of doctor's visits, labs, exams, procedures, an intravenous operation, and including 10 days in rehab "The Bub" is back at home. 

Not enough can be said about the outstanding staff, nurses, doctors and general help at Graves Gilbert Clinic, The Medical Center, and SKY Rehabilitation center. They worked very hard with positive attitudes and attention to detail to ensure Pops was well cared for. It really takes a village.

Clearly, Dad is feeling much better. He doesn't really even remember just how awful his condition was. I'm not sure he would have lasted another month without this procedure. Now we have some follow up appointments to do but it appears all went well and things were done right.

I am so relieved that he is in such good condition now. I had gotten to the point where I was just like, "I don't know what to do to help him." He really needed this operation. There may be another in his future, but right now it is all about maintaining his present condition which is amazing really.

He is happy to take calls on his cell phone or on the home phone.

Thank you all for your support and sincere concern during this trying time. It is greatly appreciated!