A Good Place to Be: Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky

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BG/WC/KY is good place to be.


It is growing.

Why is that good?

It means that something good is happening here and people want to be a part of it.

It is economically diverse. The flagships that make the backbone of Bowling Green's strength are Western Kentucky University, Fruit of the Loom, the Corvette manufacturing plant and National Museum, Camping World headquarters and Beech Bend Park. Add to those are the other businesses that support the auto industry, the influx of new companies basing themselves here, and a school system with nice facilities.

There is crime here, the city is kept clean and the streets are well maintained. There is an active arts and music scene and many parks and recreation possibilities. Plus people are pretty darned nice here.

I'm fortunate to live here which doesn't necessarily mean I will always live here, but to be honest to recreate the living situation that I have here in Bowling Green I would be hard pressed to find. The cost of living is low and the fact that all of my support services, such as doctors-lawyers-banks-etc, are 15 minutes or less from my front door make it almost impossible to find at this level elsewhere. Close to Nashville, and the airport is also a huge positive if you need some city life.

The fact that it is the International Center for Kentucky means that there is quite a diverse cultural mix as well.

I don't really have a reason for publishing this article other than to say that while Bowling Green may not be what larger cities are, it definitely checks a lot of boxes in the quality of life area.