King/Queen for a Day…or 70 Years

How do you become a King or a Queen? 

You can't.

The only way to become a King or Queen is to be the first born in the family of a King/Queen. You have absolutely no control over that. So...forget it.

When you are born you don't know any of it. Everything that happens to you is normal because that is all you have ever known. When we are born we don't know "who we are". We get taught "who we are" as we grow up. So, if you are born a King/Queen there is nothing special about it...well until there is and you know it.

Imagine that if you will. You are born the first son or daughter of a couple, one of which is King or Queen. That is your normal. Then by some arbitrary happening you are suddenly the King or Queen, all because your mom or dad died, or they decided they didn't want to King/Queen any more.

From that moment on, you are King/Queen.

From birth you are born into "captivity of the crowned cocoon." There you will live your life. Where you live, what you do, who you are remains the same, in Queen Elizabeth II this lasted 70 years.

I mean, seriously, who would want that for 70 years? How could you stand it for 70 years? How did she master it for 70 years. I think there are some lessons to be learned there.

Of course all of this is from my own knowledge and recollection of her reign and I never really thought to much about it to be honest. It didn't matter what I thought because it isn't my country nor is she "My" Queen. That got solved in 1776!

She committed herself to the service of "her" people for her entire life, "until death doth depart me". First of all, that is a healthy attitude to take. That she is an "employee" or "servant" of her people, not the served. Being a leader is to serve. That is principle number one in her example because her mission was stated in clear terms, "My personal mission in life is to serve you". What that meant was never really clear to me, but that isn't important, it is only important that she knew what it meant to her.

She mastered the art of holding her tongue. Her words were always planned and she never went off script. When she spoke is was more like an oracle than an opinion or statement of fact. She never spoke from the heart or the hip but from her duty. She wanted to stay above the fray and avoid the hot button topics that are knocked about by amateur glory seekers. She never tipped her hand on her political views. She stayed true to preserving the nation's mission as best she could including and considering all of those who she served.

Her entire life was spent in this guarded way. No one outside of her family and immediate associates can actually say they know her. Least of all an American from thousands of miles away. She was a figure head and played the role of queen very well and consciously. She was a queen everyone could count on to be the same. No surprises, no manipulations (open anyway), and no circus acts. She possessed the Poker face of Poker faces, at least from my point of view.

Considering this aspect of consistency, sameness, and predictability I can imagine that the presence of someone who became so popular as Princess Diana did brought a lot of disturbances to the royal family. She made Prince Charles palatable as the Heir to the throne to not only Great Britain, but to the world as a whole. The sons William and Harry were raised in a more normal way with Diana than had royals that went before, making them also very popular then and now, and deservedly so. I find that even with some of the controversy between them they both handle themselves honorably and one can't avoid thinking of Diana every time you see them.

Queen Consort Camilla is a much more "comfortable" choice for King Charles III if not for only the reason that she doesn't overshadow her husband and few actually like her because of being seen as the home breaker, like it or not, fair or unfair. It will be a scar on Charles III reign forever, as such things tend to be.

To me it is fairly obvious that they are a mere transition team between Queen Elizabeth II and William the "whatevereth". Regardless how many years and how well King Charles III serves it seems to me that many are waiting for the coronation of William the ? as King. Will and Kate along with their 3 children make a compelling representation of a royal family and Will seems to be a confident, kind, and wise person.

All of this begs the question, would I want to be King for a year, much less 70 with the world watching your every moment? Always living by committee? I don't believe I could do that. The pressure of always doing the right thing doesn't really click with my nature because I am sort of contrary that way. If there is a stack of blocks, I am the one who wants to knock it down. The Queen spent 70 years of her life holding together a fragile crystal glass that was full of champagne which she could never drink from but never spill either. It is a ball and chain although a nice one.

In America the idea is that everyone can become their own King/Queen for themselves and their families. I too can command that kind of respect but I have to earn it and prove it to even become considered one who carries a reputation to uphold. Then once I attain it can I live it?

We can build our own kingdom. We can own land and grow our assets. We can have a family and grow its value and build a nation behind us if we want. Just like the royal family, the family legacy can be handed down for centuries if it is made as a point of the plan to begin with. If I had to start all over again, this is what I would do. Get married early, have children early and build a life with my spouse with the purpose of growing a family and a legacy. But, for me it is too late.

The respect that the world feels for Queen Elizabeth II is palpable. She deserves it. We all do. Live it.