A New Hope: America needs a new vision for the future…NOW!

America needs "A New Hope" for its future and it needs it NOW!

America has been caught up in turmoil over the past 8 years. This turmoil began long ago and it has been gaining ground ever since. The past has been preserved by political parties that can't escape it.

The endless ideological wars of right versus left, of liberal versus conservative, from conspiracy theories to attempted insurrections, have created a confused society. Confused societies often run into trouble because they seek easy answers. But, there are no easy answers. When the balance of power shifts from the majority to a minority who can control the government from an extreme position then the society can become fanaticized, fearful, and most of all dangerous. America is near the point of no return right now.

The problem with arguing about ideologies, pointing the finger at the other sides, and trying to show others how they are wrong is that you can't argue those points and win any type of worthy victory. No, the path to getting out of this current situation is for someone or something to completely change the narrative and offer a new vision for the country that eclipses all of the fog being created by this confusion. But, what would that look like? Where do we find "A New Hope".

Yes, "A New Hope" is the title of the original Star Wars film, or Episode 3. But, the title fits here very well.

First off, we have to change people. All of those connected to the past should step down and allow room for new blood to enter the political arena. Why is this so important?

A government should have constant turnover so that no corrupt practices can become established. When people get comfortable in their power positions then corruption at some level is probably not far away. Alliances, power plays, and political cliques form to create more power and control for themselves.

The new generation of leaders should be professional people who know the law, understand how government works, and be dedicated to the rule of law. We can't have amateurs running the country.

What is the vision for America going forward? Is it to continue all of these ideological wars? Is it to find a new mission for the country? What are the real issues that need addressing going forward?

The issues that we have been spending a lot of time arguing about and to be honest, as important as they may be to certain constituencies they aren't really all that important for the nation as a whole. Many issues are clothed in false definitions and misleading reasoning. We shouldn't let these issues govern our future because such issues will never be agreed upon and they don't have to be. We must be able to live in a society that allows for different philosophies of living. If we get caught up in the game of forcing everyone to 'believe' the same way about things then the definition of freedom no longer applies to the United States of America.

We are at the beginning of a new technological era. The future is going to change very fast with things like Artificial Intelligence, E-Vehicles, alternative forms of energy, space exploration, and the growing interconnectivity through communication in the world of social media and other forms of communication and information. This new future can't be shaped by arguing about the same old issues.

There is a shining opportunity for America right in front of us. We have to empower people to become more financially stable by learning how to manage the money they make and take steps to make a good life accessible to common people not by giving things away but by showing them the way.

Part of the New Hope should be updating the education system in America focused on supporting the individual talents of each student so that they are trained to become what they are best at, what they love doing, and most of all can earn a good living doing. Not everyone is right to go to college, not everyone can brick houses nor can everyone be expected to be a rock star. There is a lot of work to be done and the people who do that work deserve to live a good life by earning a living wage, by having access to reasonable benefits, and be able to determine their future. We need to put a new emphasis on family building and the importance of nurturing volunteering and implement a national service corp so that each young person has an opportunity to serve their country in a proud way and help them feel ownership of it.

We can get back to a United States if we shed ourselves of the current craziness and start a new chapter of American history. I'm just not sure who or what is going to bring this to Americans in time to save America.