Nobody Talks About What Is Really Going On With Themselves

Nobody Talks About What Is Really Going On With Themselves

Sure a lot of people talk about themselves and what problems they may have and all, but in the end, few ever get to the essence of the issue. It is like what doctors do most of the time, they treat the symptoms, but the real problem, which can only really be solved before it happens, is usually not done. 

There is an argument in the United States that health insurance should be optional. Because if you are healthy you don’t need health insurance. The same thinking that supports this theory is the same one that gets us into trouble with our health, and every other problem we face in life. 

The fact is, that all of the problems and issues one has in life may have been avoided if treated proactively. In addition, even when the unexpected happens, we can react better to it if we have been acting proactively in all areas of our lives. 

There is the law of diminishing returns in life. There comes a time when your habits are going to catch up with you. Good or bad, it is our habits, what we do without thinking that determine our quality of lives. 

When difficult things happen in life we suddenly have problems. Those problems need to solved or we will never be free of them. Thus we work on the problems. But, the reason for the problem isn’t what caused the problem, but the lack of prevention that keeps bad things from happening and also defends you when they do. 

The real question to ask in life is “How do I set my life to win.” 

People talk about success and failure all of the time but in the end those are not exact terms. You can’t really measure success or failure because as they say in sales, “I haven’t sold all of them yet.” As long as you are still breathing, the score is open, the game is still being played. It ain’t over till it’s over. 

So, instead of asking the questions of a final result, it is better to set up ways to measure things in your life and by measuring, you keep score. Unless you keep score, you don’t know what the score is and you don’t know whether you are winning or losing. It really is as simple as that. 

Financially it is all about the balance sheet isn’t it? 

In order to win in affairs of finance it must be measurable. If all you do is have a checking account and a savings account, then everything flows into and out of those accounts. So, you are forever pitting food and clothing against a vacation or purchasing stocks, bonds or funds. 

You can win at finance if you make places to build on your results, for instance. 

Of your disposable income, make several different “accounts”. An accounts for paying the bills, save for retirement, save to purchase a home, save for smaller purchases like a car, save for education, save for entertainment and luxury. 

So, when you buy things, you aren’t stealing from your food money to pay for a new car. The shifting around of funds is also a merry go round of account management. 

By keeping accounts that grow, and when you use money in those accounts for the designated purposes, you are simply shifting a cash asset to something real, like a car, a vacation, a class to learn a new skill. 

The same holds true for exercising and dieting. 

You have an account for exercising. By keeping a log of hours per day, what you did and have a total count of those things, as your numbers go up so does your health. Measuring your progress results in setting goals, planning to reach them and recording what you do everyday to reach them. 

So, when I see that I am overweight, obese in fact, that is simply a result of living off the cuff. Living day to day, snack to snack, reacting to life’s whims and not planning yourself so that you can win, both with the numbers and in the level of fitness you achieve. 

Goals are doing things. Not results. Instead of saying I am going to lose 30 pounds, say, I am going to go for brisk walks 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening and enjoy the day, nature and life. That tells you what to do. Losing 30 pounds isn’t a result of fitness, it is a symptom of it, just like obesity is a symptom of inactivity, not a result of it. 

So, when it comes to doing in any area of life, measuring what you are doing is going to show you whether you are winning or losing because it is proven by numbers, and they are just numbers and you can work to change them. It shows you where you need to tweak and that is valuable information. 

So, with that realization, you aren’t a success or failure, because the game you are playing is still in progress. If you get behind, it doesn’t mean you are a loser, it just means you have to find different ways to win, but you keep working on it. 

The truth is, that the real issue that is going on with people is they are living life off the cuff, taking it as it comes and reacting to the conditions of the day. 

Are you planning, making a strategy, working on those strategies and setting doing goals to reach them and then doing them? That is the real issue, because if you play the game day to day, reacting to life, then you will hardly have a chance of getting better or feeling like you are winning, because all you see is decay in your life. 

What is the real issue with people? Those who complain of a lot of problems are most likely people who just wing it in life. You can’t win, if you don’t keep score of what you are doing. It is that simple. 


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