Independent Musicians Institute Survey Results!

Results of survey....

IMI Independent Music Institute initial marketing survey

1 week in duration.
Survey limited to about a 35 mile radius around Bowling Green, Kentucky...Glasgow, Franklin, Scottsville, Morgantown, Russellville, Auburn and down into White House, TN.
Out of 3,824 exposures .34 cents a click, 49% survey taken rate or 119 in all.
50% Women  -  50% Men.
The thing that pops up to me about the Facebook results is the fact that there is a very strong showing from men wanting to do music, that people are interested in it way after school and into their adult and retired years as well.
Following are the categories I asked about.
While this is just a small survey that targeted people who like music and music teachers, I think there is a need for such a program, not only here but also elsewhere.
That just means I have work to do!
32% are Bachelor > Doctorate and Pros,
40% Hobby,
54% practice music at home, 15% school, 13% Church, 8% have their own studio, 8% don't have a place to work.
65% feel like they disturb others practicing music, 44% feel disturbed when they practice music, 34% feel lonely working on their music, 17% don't have an instrument to work on.
75% are non-amplified musicians of those surveyed, unplugged, and 44% are into amplification. (This surprised me!)
27% Would like to be part of a vocal ensemble. 25% would like to be part of an instrumental ensemble, 40% would like to be in a country/bluegrass/rock/jazz/etc. ensemble.
72% want a performance/recording space to use, 72% want wifi (LOL), 38% want a secure full time private studio for their own use. 33% want shared spaces to be paid for by the hour. 52% wants a lounge/waiting/hangout space/cafe, 37% a library or resource room, 28% a mailbox service, 32% want lockers, 13% would like a receptionist/attendant... interesting results!
71% would prefer to pay a monthly membership fee, 23% would prefer to pay by the day/week/month and 25% by the hour.
53% would like to use the facility to teach lessons. 40% would like to have an affiliate program available to them for promoting memberships, and ticket sales. 37% liked the idea of subletting their studio on a per hour basis. A couple of people don't want to make any money!
A whopping 82% like the idea of having an independent facility just for the purpose of music, so they can work on music and associate with other musicians in a safe environment for all ages.
62% would use the facility to work on their music and be part of an ensemble. 41% would use the facility to put on studio recitals and do recordings. 26% would like a studio where they can teach and keep all their stuff with them.
58% Love the idea. 42% Like the idea nobody disliked or hated the idea.

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