The One Publication You Can Own For Life: Your Website/Blog

you dot com

Sometimes I get into discussions about having a website or blog for personal and professional use and the thought occurred to me this morning that I feel like it is a privilege to be able to take time to sit down and write a blog post about whatever I want.

I think the common issue today with people’s trepidation about websites is that it has to be one thing or the other. It doesn’t. It is your website and it can be about anything you want it to be.

The next issue I think people get confused about is that if you build a website it will be like that forever. It won’t be. You can post and delete, change designs, and modify everything on your site because it is a flexible thing.

One of the greatest things about having a website is that belongs to you. Here you can publish and copyright everything you do and promote it to the world, or not.

You can password protect parts or all of the content on your website so that only those with a password can have access to it.

On your own website you have complete creative freedom, and it can become a representation of your life’s work.

Never in the history of the world have normal everyday people had the opportunity to catalogue their life in a meaningful way. A website will be able to be passed down for generations and built to last.

Just think, if Einstein had had a website to publish his works instead of using the old school snail mail printing press method? Yes, you still have to be solid and present your theories, but how much faster would his wisdom have been known? How much more could we have learned about him and the way he thought.

Imagine Mozart talking on Videos on his website and sharing his compositional methods and genius for all to see forever?

That is the possibility we now have for the future! How exciting is that?

Today, we have the ability to build our lifetime legacy and keep track of it online with the creation of a website. A website is infinite. There is no limit to them.

Today people are afraid to have their face in the public eye, so they hide and I can understand that. But, what use is it to hide if you harbor things you believe in and limit yourself just because of some shyness or worry about personal privacy. You have complete control, so you get to decide what you open up and what you don’t.

Even if you have a website and password protect it for your eyes only, wouldn’t it be worth doing?

Of course. Then it is like a diary.

I find that no matter what you do or “who you are” you should have a website in today’s world. I can’t imagine not having one.



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