The Return Home: Monday

Pops is scheduled for discharge from SKY Rehab on Monday, April 27, 2020.

Dad at home.


The fact that I can't visit him makes it difficult for me to evaluate his condition, but from my telephone conversations it is apparent that he is on the mend.

The nurses say that his vitals are good and that he gets around pretty well on his own. He plays the piano at the center and some seem to enjoy it and he badgers everyone about getting home.

While I understand the desire to get home plus the danger of the Covid19 lurking, the rehab seems to be having a positive affect on him mentally. With Dad you never quite know whether or not he is paying attention to what you say, hears what you say and ignores it, hears what you say and honestly forgets it, or hears what you say and defies it. A lot of it seems to be that he honestly just forgets it 2 minutes after you told him.

He is a good actor. He acts like he is with it when he is not. This causes nurses and doctors to believe that when they say something to him that he'll remember it. He won't. Heck, sometimes they talk so fast I can't keep up with them and I'm pretty quick on the uptake.

His speech and thinking have improved a lot these past two days. But, it is clear that after I talk to him for a while he begins to sound like a drunken sailor and I have to tell him to get off the phone and get some rest.

He is scheduled to get home health care after he returns home, which includes nursing help taking vitals, treating things, physical and occupational therapy if needed. I hope and believe he will not need help with bathing and the such.

I think he will be ready to come home and should feel pretty good.

After he returns home he will want to talk to people on the phone. So, he will certainly welcome all calls. Unfortunately, with the present health crisis in person meeting will be ill advised.

Thanks for your continued concern and support! It is so appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for thinking about and praying for Dad. Your concern is greatly appreciated.