Roger Federer, Wet Macaroni, and the Mask Police: Vivid Dreaming is Weird stuff!

Last night I had the weirdest dreams. They were mixed-up vivid videos of impossible situations that have nothing to do with my reality. They are filled with people I know, people from my past, and famous people. Now as the time escapes from waking to writing the dreams begin to become foggy in my recollection. So I will rush to them.

I was in downtown Nashville, I believe but not certain, and I went into a nice bar that was really more of a cafe/bistro type of business with Chinese food but not a standard Chinese restaurant. It was rather full of people having a good time and I went up to the bar and start having a great time talking to everyone around me. I didn't know any of them but they seemed to know me. On the wall was a flat-screen television monitor playing videos of me after having sung Nessun Dorma in a recital type situation and then I am on video dancing around with everyone in a good suit and tie. But, there weren't any Chinese or Asian people there, just to be clear.

All of a sudden the bartender got this worried look on his face upon looking towards the front door which was a large folding glass door onto the street. I turned around and looked, and I suddenly realized what he saw. It was the "Maskenpolizei", or "The Mask Police". A serious-looking man wearing a mask and a trench coat ala Columbo was heading towards the bar. I thought, "Oh no! I completely forgot about the Coronavirus! We are all not wearing masks and this place is going to get fined and I am going to get a citation as well. So doing what any brave American male would do, I slipped stealthily through the crowd, past the Mask Police, and onto the street while putting my mask on in the process.

Somehow I decided that it was time to get back to the Eastman School of Music, never mind it is 1000 miles away from Nashville, where I was just visiting for some odd reason something I haven't done since my departure in 1987. Upon reaching the hallowed halls I entered the famous Main Hall and felt at home and at ease.

At some point I found myself at the elevators and standing there was Roger Federer, who was a Master's Degree student at Eastman, don't ask me why. Anyway, I had heard him sing in a Master Class and was quite impressed with his lyric baritone voice, his presence, and his musicality. I said to him that he was in a great position with his music career because his voice was fresh and being about 36 or so had many years of singing left in him and he didn't have to worry about a backup plan because he had done that with his amazing tennis career.

We talked for a while and somehow ended up going into town to go shopping because he needed to get some clothes. When we got to the department store I was a bit taken back when we rushed through the department store to the women's formal gown section. Once there he rapidly took a long formal dress from the rack and proceeded to put it on right there in the aisle. It was a sleeveless sequined peach colored fabric with a white "fur" like trim. He told me to get him some heals to go with it and was quite frustrated with me because I had brought some that weren't high enough and didn't match.

That was all of that portion of the dream...

Now I somehow found myself back in Bowling Green dealing with the mother of a girl I had a crush on back in High School. A friend was with me, but I don't remember who it was, and there was a combination of things that happened that are foggy now, but the rest is as follows...

Somehow my friend and I make it to this lady's house where she is now in the middle of cleaning up her living and dining area. The color of the entire room was white. She asked if we would help clean up the dining room and found the table pushed to one side, the chairs on top of it and around the side, and in the middle of the floor was cooked macaroni strewn over the entire area. The carpet was wet, the macaroni was sticky and soggy, and it was going to be a mess to clean up.

I asked, didn't you used to live on 13th street? Of course, they had never lived there. She said yes, but that was a basement apartment and it was very dark. Here we have so much more light.

Thus was the end of the dreams.

I could go into detail about each of these scenes but it would make a very long post. The colors, the atmosphere, the expressions on people's faces were all extremely real and detailed. A lot like a film. They were scenes that had a progression of events that were totally logical. Now as I look back on them they were completely bananas!

I am feeling very rested this morning and I wonder if it is because I had managed deep sleep last night. After all, my battle with sleep apnea usually means I don't get much deep sleep, therefore I don't dream much coming out of it. So, I believe that such vivid dreams are a sign of having had slept well. I hope so because it makes a complete difference in my day.

I doubt there is any deep meaning in any of these dreams but it is astounding how real they are in all aspects. I don't have nightmares as a general rule.

Dreams are such a confusing mixture of influences and honestly, I don't get how some of the people in my dreams get there. Roger Federer is a great tennis player but it isn't like I follow him or tennis at all. It is just all very weird.

Happy dreaming!