The Games of the Abnormal Mind

The human brain is a very delicate organ. There are two things that seem as if they are the same about the brain but actually are very different, but then again they are the same.

I am speaking of the brain as a physical organ and the mind as a non-physical entity which is the producer of thoughts, the library of data, a creator of something from nothing, and an interpreter of the impressions from the world we experience.

The mind and the brain are actually intertwined but separate. However, when the slightest malfunction happens in the brain it affects the mind.

Possibly the craziest thing about the brain is that the automatic functions of the brain continue to function well even when the thinking part starts to fail. The heart keeps beating, the lungs keep breathing, the digestive tract keeps digesting, the liver and kidneys go on doing their thing, the eyes, the ears, the tongue, the ears, as well as the sense of touch, stays functional, to various degrees regardless of how well the cognitive side functions.

People can be completely dysfunctional mentally and still physically live for many years.

The human being is a very sensitive organism. The brain, the mind, the being are tuned to learn automatically even when the conscious mind doesn't realize it is learning anything. The human being is in a constant state of adaptation and agreement searching. A mind that is "normal" has a greater ability to adapt than a mind that isn't. What does that mean?

A "normal" mind, one that functions well and clearly, is an adaptive thing. It picks up on changes and adapts.

An "abnormal" mind, is one that doesn't function well or clearly, and to what extent that its malfunction is, determines the capacity for it to adapt.

The result of this is that when a "normal" mind is in the presence of an "abnormal" mind, it will adapt to it, whereas the "abnormal" mind is not influenced by the "normal" mind to the same degree.

The tragedy is that when a "normal" mind is around an "abnormal" mind it too will become more and more dysfunctional, and the "abnormal" mind will just continue to believe it's own dysfunction and continue to get worse.

The number one function of the mind is to preserve the ego, preserve life, and to force the world to live in accordance with its thoughts. The more severe the abnormality, the worse this condition gets. The mind becomes unaware that it is wrong about things and then believes more and more in its own insanity.

This can become extremely convincing. The overwhelming confidence that an "abnormal" mind exudes is compelling, especially to those who also have various stages of this condition.

Nothing is more convincing than a mind that is 100% convinced it is absolutely right about everything. People are moved by such poorly placed confidence and fooled by it.

The thirst for an abnormal mind is for simple answers to explain complex issues. An abnormal mind can't deal with complexity because when you present arguments outside of the train of logic it gets agitated and defensive. It cries, "It is a hoax!" or "That is a lie!".

Facts become uncomfortable for the abnormal mind because it doesn't support the crafted illusion it has cooked up.

All the while that this is going on, it is also manufacturing a cloak to hide any evidence of a being flawed. This cloak is the behavior to seem lucid in the world when it is surrounded by "normal" minds. It is crafty enough to know that it is actually "not right" but it still "has to appear to be right" in front of others to be considered "normal".

Thus the game is on. A game that the abnormal mind doesn't even realize it is playing and a game that many "normal" minds won't even know is being played. They trust what this crafty abnormal mind is saying or doing.

The danger here is that then the questioning "normal" mind gets confused and starts to attach itself to the "abnormal" way of thinking because it is so convincing.

The job of the "normal" minded person is to see this and be above it. This means you have to allow the "abnormal" mind to function as it is, and not argue with it. That is an argument that cannot be won. The "normal' mind has to always know that they are playing a game, and that they have to never forget that. Otherwise, the "abnormal" mind will undermind it.