Reflections on the Current World Situation

Open Seas

This morning I have been reflecting on the world situation at present and so this post may not be such a positive one unless I find some sort of inspiration within it.

I will start discussing the world situation by beginning at home. Hopefully, I will discuss the good and the not-so-good that I find around me.

The disclaimer of this article is that this only comes from my observations and feelings based on the experience and education of a lifetime of concepts built into me. I'm not saying I am right or wrong, or that I will always see things this way, but today, this is where I am. Instead of talking to someone about it I thought I would write about it...nobody reads my blog anyway, so does it matter? No....these are just "reflections".


There is a lot to like about Kentucky. It is a beautiful state with many different topographies and landscapes to be admired. At present, I am happy to say that we have a good Governor who is a reasonable person and has his heart in the right place.  The reason I like him is not that he is a Democrat, but because he is a sound human being and is not influenced by trendy political issues which only serve to divide the citizenry. The quality of education available in the state is quite good and the infrastructure in the state is also in good shape. I love the many state parks Kentucky has and I hope to visit quite a few this year. The people of Kentucky are truly nice people and will do whatever is necessary to help you. It is a good place to live and I have wonderful friends and family who add to my quality of life. Bowling Green is a very nice town with a beautiful university, big industry, and a balanced economy. It is a nice size where you have everything you need and it is a clean city.

However, there are things about Kentucky that are disturbing to me. Of course, a lot of it is how I was brought up, but also much of my unease lies in the fact that it seems that there is a backward element that exists. Growing up we knew all kinds of people. My father was from a farming and teaching background. Back in the older days nobody wore camouflage, carried guns around, or drove oversized pick-up trucks flying flags stating their devotion to one man. There was no intimidation or moral pressure on people in any way. People hunted, sure, but they didn't act like it was an act of war. People wore normal clothes and acted like normal people.

Today, and this has been going on for a while, it is as if people are arming up for the Civil War. Belligerent attitudes, open and concealed carry of firearms, an open love for guns, and a "moralistic" attitude about what they think is right or wrong are aggressive and intimidating. The idea of controlling the sale of certain weapons for very good reasons is a call to arms for this element of society.

I believe in people having the right to have guns. But, there is a limit to it as there should be with anything designed specifically to kill living beings, wouldn't you think? In fact, one would think that those who love guns so much would want to make sure that people aren't abusing guns, wouldn't you?  But more than any of that is the fact that I should be able to not have a gun and feel safe in my own home. This is what it means by "...establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense..." in the preamble of the constitution.

I used to desire to live in the country or a forest area. Enjoying the peace and the beauty of nature is one of those things that bring us happiness. But, I no longer feel safe in the country or in forests. It feels like a war zone to me, not unlike the way I used to feel when visiting New York City before it got cleaned up. I'll admit I steer clear of these compounds now where it is obvious that an aggressive attitude is present. I don't want to be around it and I don't want to live next to any trailer trash places which seem so prevalent today. When you go visit Mamouth Cave National Park you know immediately when you cross the border of the park. Inside the park, you feel safe, outside of it you are immediately confronted with the segment of Kentucky culture that worries me a great deal.

It isn't that I don't like these people because I know that they are good people. What worries me is how easily they are affected by rabble-rousing talk and so ready to believe the next quick silver salesman that comes down the road bringing crazy scenarios of corruption and perversion into their minds. The fact that representative politicians feed their fears to secure their political power. What was once North-South is now Conservative-Liberal and life just ain't that simple. Like anything else that is allowed to fester, the extremes of both tend to drive the division farther apart. It is a very troubling fact of life and I am so saddened by it because I fear that everyone is looking for a fight instead of the right and fair thing to do.

United States

My feelings about the United States are much like Kentucky. The United States is probably the most geographically advantaged country on earth. With vast fertile lands and rich amounts of minerals, bordered by two vast oceans to the east and the west with reasonable countries bordered on the north and south,  plus a system of government that has been in effect since the 18th Century which guarantees the right to freedom and prosperity, the United States has an awful lot going for it. Peace has made prosperity possible. It gives the ability for people to create their own lives and live without fear of the government or their neighbors.

But, there is a lot wrong in the United States, and from my perspective, it is all connected to one common denominator, and that is Sophistry. The critical state of sophistry is the newly created social media platforms and other communication possibilities of the internet. In essence, the internet is the wild west of information. You can't tell the truth from falsehood because they are both wrapped in the same garb.

Sophistry is the conscience statement of an untruth to create a result that you want. There are many such instances going on today, but the real danger is in the fact that there is no consequence for lying today. Basically, you can say anything you want and get away with it. Questioning something used to be normal, but now it is a huge problem because everyone is claiming that the other side is dishonest and has nothing but bad intentions. (Just to get votes/elected)

It is an impossible situation. It is disturbing how a few nut cases can hijack an entire nation. So combine sophistry, this open-aggressive behavior of belief-filled people with gun-loving folks and you get a really volatile cocktail served to you on a regular basis.

In addition to this, I believe it is up to each individual to be able to lead the life they choose. I could care less about sexual orientation or gender issues. I love you regardless. But, in the same breath, requiring people to change their language for your case is asking a lot of people. I wouldn't ask it of anyone because I don't expect the world to change because of me. This is another area that causes division which is totally unnecessary and does nothing but creates bad karma for everyone. Besides, how is anyone supposed to know? I acknowledge that I am not savvy on this subject, but I was able to live my whole life not having to be careful about my language in certain cases all of the time. Is this issue really worth all the strife it causes? I think not. It is just words.

The World

Now I get to the real reason I started this post, to begin with.

I am very concerned about the likelihood of a WW III. Why?

Because of the mountains of sophistry going on in the world. The mental illness of two world leaders has the ability to push this world into a major conflict. It doesn't seem to matter that the prosperity enjoyed by the great eastern powers is 100% due to the west. What thanks does it get? War to destroy everything.

Russia is the largest country on earth, yet its leader wants to re-annex Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, probably Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic as well as recreate the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire. It is ill-equipped to succeed because obviously, its armed forces are in a disastrous state. But, they have access to the great equalizer...the Atomic threat.

Equally so is China who evidently still wants Taiwan. Why? It already has more people than any country on earth plus is extremely large to boot. They can't solve their internal problems and they want to go out and create more?

Is the world headed for WW III? Right now it would appear so. There is only one way to stop the Moscow Man who has become a stand-alone dictator who has the government and all media sources working on his plan. China is also suffering from such a dictator who has negated rules so he can remain in power. Put these two together in an alliance and that is not going to go well for anyone involved.

Right now the war is confined to Ukraine. Right next door Belarus is already a satellite country. How to get this war ended and things get back to normal is probably not going to be an easy task.

Can 'The People' do anything? 

The question of why didn't the Germans get rid of Hitler themselves and stop the senseless war is important. It leads to the question...

How can the people control their government after it is in power?

There were many plots to assassinate Hitler and end the war early, but they all failed. What about Stalin or any other leader of a totalitarian state? What about the United States? How much control do the people have over their own country?

Even in the United States, we have seen how difficult it is to unseat and sitting President.

It is easy to say, "Why don't the people rise up and get rid of someone who is in the process of destroying their country for their own power?" But, can the United States people do it?

We have seen how long it takes the justice system to work. It is taking so long that people are going to not even care about broken laws going forward. The guilty will get away with it because people will tire of waiting for justice to happen.

How Jan 6 is a case study for the USA

Regardless of the truth of the matter of voting irregularities in the US election of 2020, the raid on the Capitol does provide an opportunity to ask the question "What happens if someone does try to keep power to themself against the will of the people?" "What if the government is ignoring the people's calls to stop a war?" Just look at the Vietnam conflict for that.

Is it realistic to think that prudent people could mount a takeover of the executive branch to save the nation from a tyrannical dictator? What if the military is still bound to its duty to the elected President, there is no combination of militias in the USA that can battle the United States Government's Armed Forces.

George Washington set the example by leaving office after 2 terms. All of the people in the Monarchies of Europe couldn't believe he relinquished power so easily. But, it was the primary reason the United States went to war with Great Britain. To end the rule of government by one person. The government should be representative of the people, not the play toy of a single monarch.

It is a valid point. How can people stop the government from doing something stupid? There may come a time when there won't be time to 'discuss it.'

Economic Collapse as a Result of World War III

The common denominator around the world is the economy. Keeping a stable economy is in everyone's interest. But, if that is so why does Russia invade Ukraine? The economy in Russia and indeed the world is in dire straits at the moment, especially following the Corona Virus Pandemic.

I'm concerned about my investments, and my well-being, as I am sure many people are and the uncertainty moving forward in the present volatile state of the world is disturbing. The massive destruction in every area of life would reach around the world and affect people no matter where they live for so many reasons. Maybe the Coronavirus was a test for us in face of future disasters.

I need to take a serious look at my situation and try to secure myself moving forward. Maybe everyone should be hunkering down in advance of this possibility. Hopefully, none of it will happen. But, I am not so confident it won't.