Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter.

I don't know anything anymore. 5.5 years living in the USA has drained my mind of any sort of sharpness and while some of that has been due to dealing with aging parents who don't think very well anymore a lot of it has simply been the cultural deterioration of the USA over the years.

What do I mean by "cultural deterioration?"

Cultural deterioration is when a culture no longer values true achievement and expertise. When the lowest common denominator of society gains power in a country then all of the sudden things that don't matter become all important and the focus of the society is based on low level opinion, thinking, speech and art. This deterioration becomes reflected in our political leaders and then society becomes as fractional as high school cliques.

I went to Barnes and Noble and have decided to re-educate myself on things that matter, on real knowledge of the world. I want to focus on skills, facts, numbers, and science and turn my head away from the entire motivational, inspirational, religious, and spiritual world for a while.

That is all theory. While theories are facinating they don't get anything done. I am going to work on real things and move the needle in my life.

Social media is sick. The most popular things are the stupidest things I've ever seen. While these may be mildly entertaining, they are at the end of the day, stupid and a complete waste of time. I will do social media, but I want to make my posts "smart" and actually be of some value to the world and not just to get trillions of likes and comments saying stupid stuff.

The other thing is that exercise and a healthy diet have to become "fun". It is all a matter of preparation and knowing what you are going to do before you do it.

In addition, it is important to have a healthy social life and spend time with people who are worth my time and to make myself worthy of someone to spend time with.

I've got to up my "appearance" game as well. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean how I dress, how my environment looks, and how I present myself in public. I have been focusing on comfort mostly lately and don't own a suit, and haven't gotten new clothes in years. My number one source of clothing has been my nieces.

So there has to be a general shedding of the old, the tired, the weighty drag of ugly and slovenly on my spirit. I feel tired, weak, and drained most of the time now, and a lot of that is the stress of caring for my old and ailing father. While caring for him may be admirable, I have to protect myself against further decay.

At the end of the day my situation can only improve when I "WORK" at the things that are worth doing and let all the noise drop off of my mind which tears me down.

Spend time on things that matter...skills, results, improvement.